The Team


Nigel Warburton is a freelance writer, podcaster, and philosopher. His books include A Little History of Philosophy, The Art Question, Free Speech: A Very Short Introduction, Philosophy: the Classics, Philosophy: the Basics, and Thinking from A to Z. He is the interviewer for the Philosophy Bites podcast  (www.philosophy which he makes with David Edmonds, and has just started a new podcast series Philosophy Sites ( His writing has appeared in The Guardian, Prospect Magazine, The Economist, Times Literary Supplement, Aeon, and the New Philosopher, and he has  presented a number of BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 3 programmes, including Fear and Trembling in Copenhagen (  On Twitter he is @philosophybites.



Giulia Cavaliere is a PhD candidate in the Department of Global Health & Social Medicine at King’s College London. She works on ethical and social issues raised by emerging reproductive genetic technologies and the comparison between these technologies and eugenics.

 James Fletcher is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Gerontology in the Department of Global Health & Social Medicine at King’s College London. He is interested in sociological approaches to dementia, as well as dementia and ageing research more broadly.

 We decided to produce ‘Health & Society’ for a few reasons, principally guided by a desire to reach out beyond our traditional remit with a sustainable legacy. Our peers are working on fascinating and highly important topics in innovative and exciting ways. We feel that their work deserves an audience, and that the public deserves access to novel ideas about health. With this in mind, ‘Health & Society’ aims to bring audience and researcher together to the benefit of both. Our podcasts also furnish an opportunity for early career researchers to meaningfully engage with new media with the aim of fostering an ethic of open dialogue that extends beyond academia, whilst providing an opportunity to practice the skills required to enable such engagement. We hope that the development of this ethic and skillset will drive a sustained positive legacy.


ae-ed-2Ellie Clifford and Aidan Judd are recent graduates of King’s College London, having both read History. They are both interested in careers in audio production, and are currently working as freelance producers for a number of radio stations and production companies.

They were approached by James and Giulia whilst working at KCL Radio (King’s student radio station) and agreed to help record and produce a set of podcasts, as well as involve themselves in the creation of the website. Aidan and Ellie have always been keen to encourage the pairing of education with new media, as their first foray together on KCL Radio was working on a history-themed radio show. It is because of this keen interest that they agreed to work on the podcast series, as they believed that the work of the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine would make for an engaging series.

As well as working on the ‘Health & Society’ series, they have also produced a radio adaptation of ‘Doctor Faustus’; have produced a series of podcasts for the production company; have made guest appearances on the Jon Holmes show on talkRADIO; and have pitched to a variety of BBC Radio stations.



Dr Silvia Camporesi is a bioethicist working on the ethics of emerging biotechnologies at King’s College London, where she directs the Bioethics & Society Postgraduate Programme. Her most recent book is ‘From the bench to bedside: the context of enhancement and its ethical relevance’. You can follow Silvia on twitter @silviacamporesi and read more about her current research projects here: